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Mentor farms for California are listed on this page. Click on the farm name for more information and photos of the farm, along with apprenticeship details, skills that can be learned, and contact information. This list will be continually updated by NABDAP. Potential apprentices may inquire NABDAP about working with a farm not on this list.

Regional Coordinator: Blaire Ladd (link sends e-mail)




Live Power Community Farm in Mendocino County, Calidfornia is seeking 2-3 apprentices. Live Power is a 40-acre, solar electric and horse-powered, diversified, Demeter Certified Biodynamic® farm. 

Apprenticeship Details: We operate the farm collaboratively with the apprentices. We rotate through areas of responsibility and learning throughout the season. The majority of the learning takes place through the hands-on work itself, and through the discussions that take place while working in the field. We hold a weekly organizational meeting including a garden walk and discussion. Longer, in-depth discussions often take place during meals, or in more formal workshops. We can generally fit in 6 or 7 formal workshops each season, usually during the spring and fall, on topics of the group’s choice. Evening study groups focusing on a specific text are also possible. Apprentices may attend the quarterly meetings of the Biodynamic Association of Northern California, and are invited to seek out other educational opportunities outside of the farm, including workshops and visits to other farms.

Work is full time, from dawn to 6PM Monday through Friday and Saturday until lunch. We take Saturday afternoon and Sunday off. It is demanding work, but it is rewarding, and will give you basic preparation for farm life and for your own endeavor within the context of producing a season's crop. We provide room, board, and a stipend for 4-6 apprentices.

For more information visit Live Power Community Farm's mentor farm page. 



Raphael Garden is a very diversified operation despite its small size. It is labor intensive, with raised beds; a small tractor used for tillage, but most bed preparation is done by hand. The seed saving operation is very central to the garden activities. All preparation plants are grown on the farm. Preparations are made on the farm or in conjunction with BDANC (Biodynamic Association of Northern California). Garden host week long class visits from Waldorf schools. Raphael Garden is integrated into the life of Rudolf Steiner College. Apprentices participate in all its biodynamic offerings, including weekend classes on BD, plus selected other classes and the festival life of the campus community. Apprentices also participate in the quarterly meetings of BDANC.

Size of farm: 3 acres, within a 13 acre campus: 1 acre Garden, 1 acre pastured orchard with sheep, 1 acre cow pasture

Skills that can be learned: See Raphael Garden's skills checklists.

Apprenticeship Details: Currently seeking an apprentice. Compensation includes $250/mo in 1st year and $500/mo in 2nd year, plus free housing, and produce from garden. For more details see

Mentor Farmer: Harald Hoven

Address: Rudolf Steiner College, 9200 Fair Oaks Blvd., Fair Oaks, CA 95628

Phone: (916) 965-0389

Fax: (916) 961-2662



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