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Biodynamic Agriculture.  This material was filmed in the making of Jonathan Stedall's film 'The Challenge of Rudolf Steiner'.

Recommended Books on Biodynamics

Listen to The Agriculture Course at

Planetary Influences upon Plants: Cosmological Botany


Biodynamic Research

Recent Peer-reviewed Journal Articles

Biodynamic Gardening: Growing Healthy Plants and Amazing Produce with the Help of the Moon and Nature's Cycles

Sacred Agriculture: The Alchemy of Biodynamics

Koepf's Practical Biodynamics: Soil, Compost, Sprays, and Food Quality


Below we provide a list of further selected resources which you might enjoy:

Fibl’s DOK trial overview – a long term study comparing biodynamic, organic and conventional agriculture
Fibl Dossier – initial results of the long term trial
Biodynamic Association (USA) – list of research articles

Sustainable Food Trust – article on a new biodynamic book

Demeter International’s research page
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