Winter 2019 Meeting

January 11, 12, and 13th


Ukiah, CA 95482

Our Hosts are Luke and Emily Frey along with Julie Dakon and the Yokayo Ranch crew


Winter 2018 Meeting

January 5, 6, and 7th


Yokayo Roots Ranch

Ukiah, CA 95482

Our Hosts are Luke and Emily Frey along with Julie Dakon and the Yokayo Ranch crew

The first light of Advent is the light of stones.
Stones that live in crystals, seashells, and bones.

The second light of Advent is the light of plants.
Roots, stem, leaf, flower and fruit by whom we live and grow.

The third light of Advent is the light of beasts.
Animals of farm, field, forest, air and sea.
All await the birth in greatest and in least.

The fourth light of Advent is the light of humankind.
The light of love, the light of thought, to give and to understand.
— Dr. Rudolf Steiner



Friday January 5th

9:00-5:00pm "Understanding the Etheric Realm"

6:00pm Catered dinner

A Coros Institute Benefit Event with Dennis Klocek. All proceeds are to benefit Luke Frey and biodynamic research after the fires in Redwood Valley. Requires a separate registration at

Saturday January 6th

7:30 Catered breakfast

8:30-9:30 Eurythmy with Lily Frey

9:45 Welcome and Annoucements

10:00-11:30 Morning Keynote by Dennis Klocek: "Principles of Future BD Research"

12:00 Potluck Lunch

2:00 Farm tour Yokayo Roots Ranch

4:00-5:30 Afternoon Keynote by anthroposophical doctor David Gershan, MD

6:30 Catered dinner, socializing and talent show

Sunday January 8th

7:30 Catered breakfast

8:30-9>30 Eurythmy with Lily Frey

9:45-11:00 Anthroposophical Salon with Delmar McComb

11:00 Annual BDANC member feedback/planning meeting


  • Costs: $15 for non-member visitors, free for members. Consider becoming a member at only $35 per year.

  • Meals: Breakfast $7, Lunch $12, and Dinner $15. Apprentices and children under 14 will have a $3 discount on meals.

  • Lodging: There is limited lodging available at the ranch. Rooms are $25 and Beds in the bunk house are $10 (Discounts for apprentices or work trade is available). Otherwise there are motels very close: Travellodge, Motel 6 and Days Inn. Check online for pricing and availability. Alternatively check AirBnB in Ukiah for deals.

Contact details for ordering meals and ranch accommodations: Luke Frey @ 707-489-0263 and at


Reflections on the Winter 2017 Meeting

January 6, 7, and 8th

Yokayo Roots Ranch

Ukiah, CA 95482

The days are short, the sun a spark. Hung thin between the dark and dark. Fat snowy footsteps track the floor, and parkas pile up near the door. The river is a frozen place held still beneath the trees’ black lace. The sky is low. The wind is gray. The radiator purrs all day.
— John Updike, A Childs Calendar, 1965

Winter is here and so is the BDANC winter meeting. A time to reflect on the past year, mediate on the new farming season, and go deep into understanding of plants, digestion, and nutrition. We have a packed weekend with rich dialog and healthy socializing. So come join us at Yakayo Roots Ranch, you won't be disappointed.

We had fantastic talks from Dennis Klocek and Dr. David Gershan to start our theme year of Health and Digestion. This will be interspersed with hearty and healthy food catered by Lily Frey, rich dialog from socializing, and active movement through Eurythmy conducted by Cynthia Hoven.

Friday January 6th
9-5pm "Plant & Soil: Salt and Oil" with Dennis Klocek
(requires separate registration; catered lunch)
6:00 Catered dinner

Saturday January 7th
7:30 Catered breakfast
8:30 - 9:15 Eurythmy with Cynthia Hoven (in barn down the hill)
9:45 Welcome and Announcements
10:00 Morning Keynote by Dennis Klocek: On the Phenomenology of Medicinal Plants
11:15 Socializing and lunch preparation
12:30 Potluck lunch (bring your own plates and utensils)
2:00 Farm tour with Julia Dankin/Yokayo Roots Ranch group
3:30 Afternoon Keynote by Anthroposophical Doctor David Gershan, MD, San Francisco: "Medicine for the Earth, Medicine for People"
5:30 News from BDA meeting in Santa Fe
6:30 Catered dinner, socializing and Talent Show

Sunday January 8th
7:30 Catered breakfast
8:30 - 9:30 Eurythmy with Cynthia Hoven
9:45-11:00 Anthroposophical Salon with Cynthia Hoven
11:00 Annual BDANC member feedback and planning meeting
12:30 Catered lunch, cleanup and departure


Reflections from the Winter Meeting

January 8-10, 2016

Yokayo Roots Ranch

Ukiah, CA


We had a VERY successful winter meeting at Yokayo Roots Ranch.  A special thank you to Julia Dakin and her farming partners for hosting this years winter meeting.  Our collaboration with the Coros Institute and speaker Dennis Klocek and master of ceremonies Patricia Dickson on Friday was well attended (over 106 people, it was tight). Thank you!  On Saturday a warm thank you to both speakers Dennis Klocek and John Bloom of RSF Social Finance for excellent talks.  Our Winter meeting for the weekend was attended by over 80 people. We also wish to thank Cynthia Hoven for leading us in Eurythmy each morning; Livepower Farm apprentice John Giusti for another well received (and showing much talent!) talent show Saturday night; and the special inclusion of the Bulgarian dance troupe from Santa Rosa who ushered us all into the New Year with a festival blessing and dance. Finally, a special thank you to our host Luke Frey for putting on a smooth well organized logistics at the location and to his daughter Lily and partner Tom for EXCELLENT Biodynamic catered food.  We were all spoiled with the magic that came out of the kitchen each day.

The following are a selection of photos over the three days.